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Professional Tennis Drills: 75 Drills to Perfect Your Strokes, Footwork, Conditioning, Court Movement, and Strategy Lewis Brewer

Professional Tennis Drills: 75 Drills to Perfect Your Strokes, Footwork, Conditioning, Court Movement, and Strategy

Lewis Brewer

ISBN : 9780684182988
170 pages
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Lewis Brewer and some of the leading coaches of the United States Tennis Association have developed 75 drills that will help every player develop a winning game. These practical, easy-to-learn, fun drills will help players of all levels achieve peakMoreLewis Brewer and some of the leading coaches of the United States Tennis Association have developed 75 drills that will help every player develop a winning game. These practical, easy-to-learn, fun drills will help players of all levels achieve peak performance.

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